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Contemporary Music Scores

Renee Leech, Composer

The audio files below are incompletely rendered by computer software but do provide basic representations of the pieces, in spite of the missing dynamics, tempo changes, and parts.

A free parts download of music on this page may be requested by email to, although The Tulip will not be available until it has been performed.

1. String Quartet No. 1 in 5/4

Free Parts Download  may be requested by
email to Postmaster.

[Listen to MIDI rendition: Movement I, Movement II, Movement III]

This Quartet was read in 1981 at the Conference on Contemporary String Quartets by Women Composers held at the San Francisco Conservatory of Music, San Francisco, California. The main challenge of this piece is the 5/4 meter, which gives a spontaneous drive to the piece. The first and second movements are straightforward, and the last has a more challanging interweaving of parts.

The composer will be interested in hearing from musicians who have read through this piece.



2. The Tulip

Free Parts Download will be available
once this piece has been performed.

[Listen to MIDI rendition: The Tulip]

This piece has not been played in performance or workshop.

The lyrics, with serendipity and angst, consider the significance of a tulip in a weedy garden. The piece employs tonal dissonance and may be tonally challenging. There may be an opportunity for the advanced singer to practice the art of improvisation to vary repetitious motives. The parts are not equal as in true chamber music. The quartet's function is mainly to add dramatic depth to the understated comedy of the singing.

The composer will be interested in comments or questions of musicians who have read through this piece.




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